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What if children design their cities?

Kent ve Cocuk (City and Children) is a Turkish-based ‘urbanism’ initiative using 3D modelling workshops to see how children would design their own cities. The team of three urban planners and an architect came together in...Read more
|1 comment|author: Gizem Kıygi

Everything to play for

Introducing more play space to cities can help tackle health, societal and environment issues, says Samuel Williams of the planning and design specialists, Arup. We need to take play seriously. We need to take play seriously...Read more
|Comment|author: Samuel Williams

Age diversity for social cohesion

Creating public space that encourages social integration has never been more important. Here, Samuel Williams of planning specialists Arup, explains why child-friendly cities must adopt inter-generational design principles. ‘Designing cities for all’ is easy to say but if...Read more
|Comment|author: Samuel Williams

Incorporating play into pedestrian walkways

When it comes to designing narrow public spaces such as street sidewalks, pedestrian bridges and pathways in general, designers are often forced by the functional and spatial constraints to discard play as a priority. However,...Read more
|Comment|author: Maria Sitzoglou

10 ways to build a city for children

The Vancouver-based urbanist, Jillian Glover, an advisor to the Canadian government who runs the ‘This City Life’ blog-site, has identified the ten features that she believes are the key to building child-friendly cities. Suggesting that,...Read more
|Comment|author: Adrian Voce