10th Child in the City World Conference5-7 October 2022 Dublin, Ireland

10th Child in the City World Conference, 5-7 October 2022 Dublin, Ireland

Who should attend:

  • Children’s rights advocates
  • National, regional and local authority officers
  • Youth and play workers
  • Planners
  • Urban designers
  • Children’s geographers
  • Playground designers and producers
  • Sustainability champions
  • Public health campaigners
  • Researchers
  • University lecturers and students
  • UN officials
  • NGO representatives
  • Policy makers

Making Connections

The International Child in the City Foundation, Dublin City Council and the Irish Department of Children, equality, disability, integration and youth invite you to attend the 10th edition of the Child in the City World Conference, to be held from 5 – 7 October 2022 in the beautiful city of Dublin.

The world conference, which takes place every two years, is a key opportunity for children’s professionals, city planners, social workers, academics, designers and policymakers to share knowledge, good practice and research findings from the various disciplines that are important to the shared aim of creating child-friendly cities. Creating dialogue is the most important aspect of the conference.


For this special edition of the Child in the City World Conference we have chosen the overarching theme of Making Connections. With this Dublin conference we aim to make connections between not only children and cities, but also different disciplines and professionals, including the connection between the physical and the social domain. Through our interdisciplinary approach we hope to bridge divides and open up new promising perspectives to make cities better places for children from all backgrounds.

Within this broad perspective of creating equality of access for all children and youth, the Child in the City conference in Dublin focuses specifically on five themes.

Child in the City
Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth
Dublin City Council