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In August 2018 a fire in Belfast’s city centre destroyed the historic Bank Building property. Since the fire, there have been discussions on how to rebuild and redesign the city centre in a child friendly way. The Bank Building was home to a Primark store and since the fire, a total of 14 businesses were temporarily closed and some remain closed....Read more
|Comment|author: Julia Zvobgo

Children in Jordan learning through play

More than 145,000 vulnerable children in Jordan are learning through play since the LEGO Foundation donated over 3,000 LEGO Duplo Play Boxes and over 1,100 LEGO Play Boxes. The materials have been distributed in schools,...Read more
|Comment|author: Julia Zvobgo
CCO Pexels

Re-thinking our definition of adolescence

Adolescence has changed significantly in the last century. Professor Susan Sawyer is working to improve our understanding of the contemporary complexities of this age group. As a respiratory trainee, I was highly influenced by caring for...Read more
|Comment|author: Cheryl Critchley
Photo by Dmitriy Kuznetsov

Russian children play freely at Yeti

Remember your childhood. If you climbed the trees, scrambled along large boulders, ran along the roof of the garage, built houses on the trees and built snow fortresses, rolled down from the green hill and built...Read more
|Comment|author: Lilia Shabutdinova