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This article presents the third and final part of a case study interview with Tom Burns. In it, we discuss the role of a play-leader of an adventure playground and Tom’s advice for the setting up an adventure playground.  Tom Burns works as a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Professional Education and Development at London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (UK). How...Read more
|Comment|author: Tom Burns Sandra Abegglen and David Blundell
Stephanie Wang

How to help Chicago’s younger learners?

The challenge of mending and strengthening Chicago’s network of care and education for its youngest residents defies instant solutions, but four candidates for mayor agreed Monday on one point: The city needs to care for...Read more
|Comment|author: Cassie Walker Burke
CC Flickr/Elliott Brown

Adventure Play in 70s East London P1

This article presents a case study interview with Tom Burns. We have interviewed Tom to find out how he got involved in adventure play, and what he thinks of the benefits and also challenges of...Read more
|Comment|author: Tom Burns Sandra Abegglen and David Blundell

Three ways to encourage outdoor play

Encouraging children to be active and play outdoors can be challenging. The problem arises from the fact that they’re comfortable indoors with their iPads, watching their favourite shows and eating snacks. Motivating children to be...Read more
|Comment|author: Bec Simon