The Scottish planning system is soon to undergo reform following an independent review. The proposals under discussion suggest an increasing recognition that children are often excluded from considerations of place. Dr. Jenny Wood identifies five ways Scottish Government can improve children’s participation in the planning process, and the environments it shapes and manages. 1. Encourage and endorse specific children’s rights training...Read more
|Comment|author: Jenny Wood

Is teaching critical thinking skills important?

In today’s technological and rapidly changing world, children need to be able to assimilate data and demonstrate critical thinking skills versus repeating a list of facts from memorization. Kids need to be critical thinkers who can...Read more
|Comment|author: Carol Miller

New research highlights impact of street play

Two new reports highlight both the public health and the wider social benefits of children playing out in the streets where they live. Adrian Voce reports. New research, evaluating a three-year scheme funded by the UK...Read more
|Comment|author: Adrian Voce

Children challenge EU on basic rights

At a symposium of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) last month, children spoke up for human rights, calling for Europe to do more to protect those most in need. Children have expressed concern about...Read more
|Comment|author: Adrian Voce

Uncertain future for family-friendly housing co-ops

In this first part of the final article of her “Cities for Families” series, showcasing how local governments, non-profits and the private sector are building a family friendly Vancouver, Jillian Glover spotlights the challenges facing...Read more
|Comment|author: Jillian Glover