The International body promoting good practice in the design and use of school grounds has published a ‘declaration’ on risk management that draws on the pioneering approach of the UK and international play sectors. Adrian Voce reports. The International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) has published a statement on the assessment and management of risks in outdoor play and learning. Risk in Play and Learning:...Read more
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Look back in play – part 3

In this third part of her evocative essay about the Camden Square adventure playground where she played as a child, the writer and activist Maisie Rowe reflects on the seriousness of play for children, and...Read more
|Comment|author: Maisie Rowe

Look back in play – part 2

Landscape architect Maisie Rowe continues her journey into the memories of a rich childhood spent on an adventure playground in inner London’s Camden Square, vividly revived by the discovered photographs of her playworker, Abdul Chowdry. In...Read more
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Look back in play – part 1

Uncovering a stash of unseen photographs took landscape architect Maisie Rowe back to her childhood – and forward to a meditation on the importance of spaces for play. Over four parts, she tells the story...Read more
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How to talk to parents about ‘risky play’

The term ‘risky play’ has become a banner for the movement to allow children more freedom to play within environments that meet their need to be adventurous, challenge themselves and learn how to navigate the world rather...Read more
|Comment|author: Mariana Brussoni