A city designed with its youngest residents in mind can ‘transform’ not only their future but its own social and economic outlook, says acclaimed urban designer Nidhi Gulati. As a non-profit professional advocating for a more livable built environment in cities around the world, Gulati’s expertise truly lies in unpacking issues related to women and children as users of the spaces...Read more
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Credit: CC Flickr Ed Ivanushkin

CITC Weekly Roundup: Friday April 6

Here is our weekly collection of worldwide stories highlighting the importance of promoting and protecting children’s rights and strengthening the position of children in cities. This week’s round-up includes stories from across the globe that...Read more
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New Zealand aims to be best place for children

The government of New Zealand is tackling child poverty by implementing its new Child Poverty Reduction Bill, a landmark piece of legislation which aims to halve the rate of child poverty within ten years. Jacinda Ardern,...Read more
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Friends in need are friends indeed

School bullying is depressingly common but having a group of friends, not just a single “bestie”, may bolster a child’s resilience, says Andrew Trounson, a writer for the University of Melbourne’s research publication platform, Pursuit. Surviving...Read more
|Comment|author: Andrew Trounson