Children in the US city of Grand Rapids will have more opportunities to play, learn and explore thanks to a $1million ‘natural spaces’ grant. The Michigan state city is to reap the benefits of another initiative from the Wege Foundation, which was established in 1967 to help fund public causes in the community where businessman Peter Melvin Wege was born and...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Weedy
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A bicycle playground for Vienna

How can we foster the autonomous mobility and cycling skills of children living in the city and promote physical activity? How can we facilitate a safe but exciting approach to cycling for urban kids? Cycling will...Read more
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Revamped community housing scheme shows the way

A children’s library and playground are the jewels of a New Jersey housing complex revamped for a community’s needs. Often in the headlines for shootings and burglaries, Georgia King Village in Newark used to be somewhere...Read more
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Breaking gender stereotypes early

Gender stereotyping can be tackled in preschool, promoting equality in the skills children learn and the possibilities they see for themselves. But it’s not about banning books. We all know that children are like little detectives....Read more
|Comment|author: Tania King
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CITC Weekly Roundup: Friday 25 May

Here is our weekly round-up of global stories concerning children, their rights, and their wellbeing. This week we take a look at the different ways social media impacts children’s food intake, their mental health and puts them at risk...Read more
|Comment|author: Julia Zvobgo