Children at risk of abuse or neglect in UK cities should now be better protected through improved partnerships between local police, councils and health services. The Government has published fresh guidance setting new legal requirements for the three safeguarding partners, who will be required to make joint decisions to meet the needs of local children and families. Senior police, council and...Read more
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What if children design their cities?

Kent ve Cocuk (City and Children) is a Turkish-based ‘urbanism’ initiative using 3D modelling workshops to see how children would design their own cities. The team of three urban planners and an architect came together in...Read more
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Why don’t Australian school kids feel a sense of belonging?

Respectful and valued relationships with teachers and the wider community are key to helping more students feel greater connection to their school, leading to far-reaching positive effects. The sense of belonging Australian students feel at school has...Read more
|Comment|author: Dr Kelly-Ann Allen, Dr Peggy Kern, Professor Lea Waters, and Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick