About Us

We are dedicated to promoting the rights and well-being of children throughout Europe and beyond, by providing high-quality platforms – research, blogs, interviews, papers, opinions, conferences and seminars – for the communities of interest working to develop good practice in the creation of genuinely child-friendly cities. 

We have a group of subject matter experts (incl. children’s professionals, university lecturers, researchers, city planners, etc.) from all over the world, who write for us and share research findings and good practices from the various disciplines that are important to the shared aim of creating child friendly cities. Our network of enthusiastic and dedicated writers produce articles on the following subjects:

  • Participation
  • Nature, green and sustainability
  • Mobility and freedom of movement
  • Urban planning and housing
  • Children’s geographies
  • Play and public space
  • Intergenerational approaches
  • Poverty and health issues
  • Family and parenting
  • Education

Child in the City Foundation

Child in the City is an independent foundation. The main objectives of the Child in the City Foundation is to strengthen the position of children in cities, promote and protect their rights and give them space and opportunities to play and enjoy their own social and cultural lives. We do this by providing communications platforms for academics, practitioners and campaigners for children’s rights to disseminate research and good practice. One of the most important of these is the biannual (= every two years) international conference where scientists, urban planners and local authorities are brought together to share the latest knowledge.

The foundation observes 5 general guidelines and encourages national and local networks to translate these into specific local policies addressing local points of focus. The general guidelines are: an holistic, integral and intergenerational approach; the importance of participation for children and young people; and dynamic trade and continuous challenge.

The Scientific Program Committee 

The Child in the City Scientific Program Committee is a group of experts – academics and practitioners – from the various children and youth sectors. Meet the members of the Child in the City Scientific Program Committee here.

Child in the City Conference

Every two years since 2002 the Child in the City conference has been held in a different European city and attended by 300 participants.

The conference is organised to enable social scientists, researchers, practitioners, politicians and city planners from all over the world to share their thoughts and develop new ideas to meet the needs of children in modern cities. Host cities have included Bruges, Stuttgart, London, Rotterdam, Florence, Zagreb and Odense And Vienna. The next conference will be held in autumn 2020 in Dublin, Ireland.

The conferences are high-profile events, with previous attendance by political figures such as the then Mayor of London, Ken Livingston and the Danish Royal Princess Mary and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands.


Child in the City is managed by a volunteer board and a Scientific Program Committee. Daily affairs are taken care of by Promedia:
Child in the City Event Manager – Marieke Bouman marieke.bouman@childinthecity.org
Child in the City Editor – Simon Weedy simon.weedy@promedia.nl