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Board Foundation

The Child in the City Foundation is based in the Netherlands. The board consists of five members who act as professional volunteers. The board is responsible for the long term of all activities and events. It is taking care of the continuities of activities. The foundation is the first responsible in making agreements with cities. As a foundation we don’t make profit and if necessary we reach out for subsidies and sponsoring in order to make events possible. For each event the foundation makes an agreement with the event manager that is hired to organise events in practical, organisational and financial ways. Over the last decades the event manager of Child in the City has been Promedia. The board is supported by a group of international professionals, the Scientific Program Committee (SPC), that is primarily focused on the quality of the content of the international seminars and conferences.

Members of the Foundation are:

Hans Migchielsen
Hans Migchielsen (Msc) is chair of the foundation. Hans is a retired manager of local government and organised national and international youth work conferences.

Ernst Radius
Ernst Radius is treasurer of the foundation. Ernst (1959) studied pedagogy and has worked as a manager and consultant in the childcare, education and social work  He has several publications on his name on youth and parenting. He also published various articles on child and youth work in a European perspective.

Frank van Dillen
Frank van Dillen (M.Arch) is secretary of the foundation. Frank is entrepeneur, consultant, keynote speaker and global expert on social business case systems for vulnerable people, especially elderly care. His aim is to connect generations for the benefit of both.

Lia Karsten
Lia Karsten (PhD) is president of the Scientific Program Committee. She is professor (associate) Urban and Children’s Geographies and is related to both the University of Amsterdam and UNIMORE University, Reggio Emilia.

Froukje Hajer
Froukje Hajer is a member of the Scientific Program committee. Froukje is an independent consultant youth policy and children’s rights related to ‘Child, play and environment’.