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Building cities for a changing climate

Our cities are responsible for a large chunk of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so the way we plan and construct them has to adapt to the future impacts of climate change. Worldwide, buildings are responsible...Read more
|Comment|author: Dr Anna Hurlimann and Dr Georgia Warren-Myers

What if children design their cities?

Kent ve Cocuk (City and Children) is a Turkish-based ‘urbanism’ initiative using 3D modelling workshops to see how children would design their own cities. The team of three urban planners and an architect came together in...Read more
|1 comment|author: Gizem Kıygi
CC Flickr: NACTO Photography: Vladimir Weinstein

A report from the NACTO Designing Cities Conference

Now in its sixth year, the NACTO Designing Cities Conference brought together 800 officials, planners, and practitioners to Chicago to advance the state of transportation in cities through plenaries, workshops, walkshops and sessions. The Designing...Read more
|1 comment|author: Irene Quintáns

Designing Australia’s largest school in Melbourne

Melbourne architects are transforming our schools, with a new inner-city learning precinct to teach children from kindergarten to university. When populations explode, meeting the community’s education needs is a challenge. As local schools reach bursting point,...Read more
|Comment|author: Sara Brocklesby

Toronto study explores high density family housing

In this second part of her short series, Cities for Children and Families, the Canadian urbanist, Jillian Glover looks at how innovative housing design concepts are making downtown living more family-friendly than ever before. There are many...Read more
|Comment|author: Jillian Glover

Urban regeneration processes should be planned with children

According to the widely accepted definition, urban regeneration is a holistic approach that aims to improve cities by improving their economic, physical and social environmental conditions. Yet Turkey still has various problems with urban regeneration principles,...Read more
|Comment|author: Burcu Gülay Taşçı