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Children in Jordan learning through play

More than 145,000 vulnerable children in Jordan are learning through play since the LEGO Foundation donated over 3,000 LEGO Duplo Play Boxes and over 1,100 LEGO Play Boxes. The materials have been distributed in schools,...Read more
|Comment|author: Julia Zvobgo

Bringing play-based learning to refugee children

On Wednesday the LEGO Foundation announced it’s $100 million grant to ensure that young children affected by the Rohingya and Syrian crises are able to learn through play. The recipient of the grant, Sesame Workshop, will work...Read more
|Comment|author: Julia Zvobgo

“Those who grew up whispering”

With Europe facing some of its biggest challenges since the end of the war, this VE Day (8 May) Eleni Karasavvidou reflects on the research of WW2 historians into the plight of the continent’s children orphaned...Read more
|Comment|author: Eleni Karasavvidou

New report links children’s mental health to climate change

A new research report has found links between rising incidences of natural disasters related to climate change and mental health problems in the populations affected, including, particularly, children and young people. Victoria Derr reports. Around the globe, children and families are...Read more
|Comment|author: Victoria Derr

Protect vulnerable child refugees

The UK government started a “children at risk” scheme which followed along with the existing programme offering places to 20,000 Syrian refugees by the time of the 2020 general election. This plan was to immigrate...Read more
|Comment|author: Steven Don