Topic: Migrant children

Child migrant rights part of EU Charter

A framework for protecting the rights of EU migrant children forms part of a new report on the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.  The European Commission has published its annual report on the charter, which brings together...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Weedy
Melvin "Buddy" Baker/Flickr

What’s it like to be young and from overseas in Australia?

The first ever census of young Australians from refugee and migrant backgrounds paints a mixed picture of optimism and belonging against a backdrop of ongoing discrimination. The majority of refugee and migrant young Australians feel strongly...Read more
|Comment|author: Professor Johanna Wyn, Dr Rimi Khan and Dr Babak Dadvand

Migrant children are being failed by Europe

In recent months, migration to Europe has acquired a vast dynamic, with some Greek Islands and northern frontier countries struggling to cope with huge, daily movements of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan Migration is one of...Read more
|Comment|author: Eleni Karasavvidou