Topic: Children at play

Are smart phones really the death of children’s play?

Many of the current conversations on children’s use of mobile phones sound dire warnings, even foretelling the ‘death of childhood’ itself. However, argues playworker and geographer Chris Martin, different standpoints can contribute alternative, more complex perspectives,...Read more
|Comment|author: Chris Martin

Why are Dutch children the world’s happiest?

Following UNICEF’s (2013) report of children’s wellbeing indicators for the world’s richest nations placed the Netherlands at the top of the list, a new book by two immigrant mothers explores what it is about growing...Read more
|Comment|author: Adrian Voce

Loose parts play is highly engaging for children

“In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.” Simon Nicholson, 1972, p. 5. When community activities attempt to...Read more
|Comment|author: Allie Pasquier

Lego focuses in on children at play

Lucy Ward, from The Guardian, interviewed Hanne Rasmussen, head of the Lego Foundation, on how the company will focus on the value of play and how it has built enormously over the last decade. According...Read more
|Comment|author: Steven Don