After school activities can change a child’s life

Educationalists believe that extracurricular activities, sports, fitness and recreation programs are integral to the education and allowing children to get involved can help them to develop social skills and develop academic performance. Educational Volunteers Foundation in Turkey implement educational programs allowing local children to take part. 

Broadening educational opportunities for children

Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), have been proactive for the last 16 years in organizing educational programs with the aim to provide high quality of education for the children of Turkey and to improve their lives. Some occur before school, some after school, and a few may even take place on the weekends.

TEGV receive support and collaborate with a number of educational institutions including Education Parks, Educational Centers, local authorities and primary schools.

Suat Kardas, Department Manager, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, said “All children should have the opportunities that support their physical, mental and social development. They should all have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy and secure environment, which provide them with tools of how to improve themselves and grow.”

The manager, who presented at the Child in the City congress emphasized the importance of the access to education that is of a high quality, which contributes to the children’s development.

He added, “It is not sufficient to ensure quality of education only at schools. Participation in after-school activities continues to be a benefit for the children.”

Engagement with non-academic pursuits is beneficial

“Our objective is to create and implement educational programs and extracurricular activities for children aged 7-16. The educational activities involve programs aimed at developing life skills in children by using child-centered educational methods.”

The educational programs organized by the volunteers help the local children to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes supporting their development into rational, responsible, self-confident, peace-loving, inquisitive, cognizant and creative individuals, who are against any kind of discrimination and respect diversity.

“The aim of these activities is to provide an opportunity for every child, that has very different sets of skills, to get to know themselves and to become aware of their own abilities. This is achieved through help of a well-rounded education support in active learning environments,” said Kardas.

TEGV Extracurricular School Activities

The programs are created to ensure that they: 

– are interesting and enjoyable

– let children to get actively involved

– are enriched by various games and materials

– allow children to create projects that they have worked on through the semester

– involve measurement and evaluation process

The goal of TEGV is that children who attend the educational activties:

– are able to obtain a well-rounded educational support

– benefit from modern eduacational opportunities

– become aware of their abilities

– develop life skills such as problem solving, communication and creativity

– learn by doing, experiencing and enjoying

– improve their quality of life

“With a social responsibility perspective, TEGV volunteers provide the greatest contribution in creating enlightened people of the future”, concluded Kardas.

“TEGV educational activities are implemented solely by volunteer support and contribute a lot to volunteers as well as children. While participating in projects that support their community, volunteers also contribute to themselves in terms of their occupational development.”

About Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey

Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) was founded in January 23, 1995 with the aim of “supporting the primary education provided by the government” by a group of industrialists, managers and academics led by Suna Kıraç, who believed that education is number one before before everything else.

In its first years TEGV had provided scholarships, repaired schools, had activities in youth centers and then decided to focus on providing “after school educational support” for primary school children. Throughout the years, TEGV became the most widespread NGO in Turkey in the area of education.

Author: Marketa Vesela

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