Call for papers – Child in the City World Conference Dublin


Welcome to the 2020 Child in the City World Conference: Making Connections!

The International Child in the City Foundation, Dublin City Council and the Irish Department of Children and Youth Affairs invite you to attend the 10th edition of the Child in the City World Conference, to be held from 15-17 September 2020 in the beautiful city of Dublin. 

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The Child in the City world conferences take place every two years and, for this 2020 edition, we have chosen the overarching theme of Making Connections. With this Dublin conference, we aim to make connections between not only children and cities but also different disciplines and professionals, including the connection between the physical and the social domain. Through this approach we hope to bridge divides and open up new promising perspectives on interdisciplinary approaches to make cities better places for children from all backgrounds. This conference offers a key opportunity for children’s professionals, city planners, social workers, academics, designers and policymakers to share knowledge about how to build child-friendly urban futures. 

Within this broad perspective of creating equality of access for all children and youth, the Child in the City conference at Dublin focuses specifically on the following six themes:


  1. Connecting green and play 
  2. Connecting generations 
  3. Connecting health and play
  4. Connecting children’s mobility and sustainable futures 
  5. Connecting urban parenting to urban planning 
  6. Connecting immigrant families to social communities

We prefer abstracts that focus on one of the six themes but please note that it is also possible to submit a paper on another topic.

Detailed information about the themes can be found here.


The call for papers for Child in the City World Conference in Dublin is closed.
Feedback will be given in the first week of April 2020. 

Criteria Papers

Papers should contain:

  • A maximum of 300 words
  • relevance to children’s rights and the principles of a child-friendly city, namely:
  • promoting equality of opportunity: including all groups of children (e.g. disabled, migrant, economically disadvantaged, ethnic minority)
  • integral: considering the needs of the whole child
  • participatory: supporting the voice of the child
  • applicability to local policy and practice
  • consideration of one of the conference’s main themes (1- 6 above)
  • independence of commercial interests
  • interest to other cities and nationalities

Abstracts are invited for either poster or slide presentations. By submitting an abstract, the author agrees that, if accepted, the paper will be presented as scheduled. The abstract must be clearly written in English and should not exceed 300 words.


If your abstract has been accepted and your presentation is included in the conference programme, you will be required to attend the conference. As a speaker we provide a special fee:

Conference fee presenter (2,5 days): € 490 (excl. VAT)

Abstracts and presentations

For purposes of review and programming, abstracts are divided into themes as outlined above. Selection of the most appropriate category is important as it determines who reviews your abstract. (note: if appropriate, the programme committee may reassign your abstract to a different category).

The length of the presentations at the conference will be strictly 15 minutes, including time for questions. The conference language is English. Presenters will be informed if their proposals have been accepted the first week of April.