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Child in the City Seminar – How to make children’s rights mainstream in local policy planning?

The call for abstracts will close 26 February 17.00 hrs CEST

We closely follow the developments regarding the coronavirus and we follow the guidelines set by the experts.
Therefore this seminar will be organised as a hybrid event: live (if allowed) and online.

Local governments all over the world want their cities and towns to become a child-friendly place based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). 

Children’s rights have since been referenced in many different local policy documents and progress has been made, but many cities still struggle with the translation and implementation of children’s rights. This seminar aims to take further steps forward in both theoretically reflecting on children’s rights and implementing the convention in specific policy contexts.  

In doing so, it is our starting point that children and young people themselves are the first to be engaged in the development of policies and practices that positively support them as they grow up and develop.

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For this seminar we therefore invite speakers to share with us their experiences on how to professionalize and mainstream children’s rights. What challenges do they face, what problems have they struggled with and how do they engage young people in the process? These are particularly important questions to be answered during these times of corona. 

How can we continue to work with a focus on child-friendliness when children’s rights are completely ignored when referring to the safety of everyone? Children In several countries have experienced being locked up for several weeks to prevent the spread of the virus. Couldn’t we have better discussed the alternatives with the children themselves? To answer these and other questions we want to focus on five specific domains: 

  • Critical reflections on the framework of United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child 
  • Children’s rights in the fields of education and child care (in times of corona)
  • The implementation of children’s rights in urban planning, development and design 
  • Children’s and young people’s participation as a tool to establish children’s rights
  • Corona and the neglect of children’s rights particularly in underprivileged areas

We kindly invite you to submit your abstract,

Lia Karsten, President Scientific Program Committee, Child in the City Foundation
Ana Rodrigues Almada, Head of Division for the Promotion of Rights in the Territory, Cascais


We closely follow the developments regarding the coronavirus and we follow the guidelines set by the experts.
Therefore this seminar will be organised as a hybrid event: live (if allowed) and online.

Various measures are in place to build a successful event. These measures will be set to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved but also to make sure that visiting, sharing knowledge and networking can be done in the best way possible.

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The call for abstracts for Child in the City Seminar Cascais will close 26 February 17.00 hrs CEST
Feedback will be given in the week of 15 – 19 March 2021. 

Criteria Abstracts

Abstracts should contain:

  • A maximum of 300 words
  • relevance to children’s rights and the principles of a child-friendly city, namely:
  • promoting equality of opportunity: including all groups of children (e.g. disabled, migrant, economically disadvantaged, ethnic minority)
  • integral: considering the needs of the whole child
  • participatory: supporting the voice of the child
  • applicability to local policy and practice
  • consideration of one of the conference’s main themes (1- 6 above)
  • independence of commercial interests
  • interest to other cities and nationalities

Abstracts are invited for either poster or slide presentations. By submitting an abstract, the author agrees that, if accepted, the paper will be presented as scheduled. The abstract must be clearly written in English and should not exceed 300 words.


As a speaker we provide a special fee, more information will follow when your abstract is accepted.

Abstracts and presentations

For purposes of review and programming, abstracts are divided into themes as outlined above. Selection of the most appropriate category is important as it determines who reviews your abstract. (note: if appropriate, the programme committee may reassign your abstract to a different category).

The length of the presentations at the seminar will be strictly 15 minutes. The seminar language is English. Presenters will be informed if their proposals have been accepted the week of 15 – 19 March 2021.

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