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How to participate in eco-friendly action for earth day

Environmental activism is a cause growing steadily day by day. In Sarah Brookes opinion there are so many inspiring individuals and communities who work to take care of our planet, and that should be celebrated.

If you’re someone who has yet to truly embrace a greener way of life, we’d encourage you to take the leap in preparation for Earth Day on April 22nd. As your community gathers together to show some love to our planet this season, here are some of the best ways you can participate in eco-friendly action.

Pick Up Litter

The next time you’re out and about running errands, make a mental note to observe the amount of litter spread across your community. While one cup or plastic bag here and there may not be something you take notice of, if you look hard enough you’re sure to find a lot more trash than you’d expect. In fact, fast food waste accounts for one third of all litter accumulated across the world. After your next drive-through visit, be sure you’re properly disposing of your leftovers. A great way to take action is to dedicate a free afternoon to picking up some trash in the areas that need it most. Inviting some family or friends along with you will get the job done faster and it’s an excuse to spend time with the people you love. You’ll be doing the environment a service, and getting in your steps for the day at the same time!

Plant A Community Garden

This call to action may be a bit more involved, but convincing your town or city to plant a community garden will be well worth the commitment. Not only do community gardens provide those in need with fresh produce, they also give back to our planet. Community gardens are known for increasing the quality of the air and the soil they’re planted in. The extra veggies and fruits you grow will be a win for your taste buds and your neighborhood! The space can be a great way to get to know the people around you. Working in the garden and watching the time you’ve put in pay off is also a rewarding way to show the children in your community what the power of hard work can do.

Support Green Brands

A more life-altering way to participate in environmental action is by supporting brands who put recycling first, and refuse to test on animals. There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by committing to a new way of green living by buying products that are made from recycled materials. You can even support green brands with your beauty products and everyday toiletries! Making the change to healthy vegan hair color is the perfect way to transition into an eco-friendly look. What better way to celebrate your natural beauty than by going all-natural with the brands you support? Aside from beauty products, there are green alternatives for your clothing, cleaning supplies, and even your kitchenware. Take action by making it a point to go green with your purchases. You won’t be sorry you made the change!

Organize A Neighborhood Carpool

One of the main contributors to your carbon footprint is the amount of time you spend driving. To decrease your own carbon footprint and the footprint of others, try your hand at organizing a carpool. You’d be surprised how many people travel to work in the same direction that could easily drop you off. This may not be an everyday occurrence, but even deciding to carpool once or twice a week can help you do your part, and get to know your neighborhood better in the process. Don’t be afraid to propose the idea to neighbors you know who work near your office. You might even find that one of them works in your building!

However you choose to participate in eco-friendly action in your community, be bold. Use environmental activism to help you better get to know your community. Hopefully you feel even more excited to celebrate Earth Day after reading the inspiring calls to action above.

Author: Sarah Brookes

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