Milan landscapers believe green cities lead to happier children

The growing population of Milan is alarming landscapers, who are looking for ways how to create and secure playgrounds for children and their families. The “Milan green belt” strategy has enriched Milan with new parks and playgrounds to ensure the well-being of local children.   

Due to the industrialization movement in the past, the city of Milan has a population of 1,249,503 residents of which 160,323 are children (between 0 and 14 years). However, the local environmelists are fearing the disappearance of playgrounds for children and call for urban transformations to meet children’s needs.

“The children need space dedicated to their games, sport and recreation,” concluded Giovanni Sala, LAND Group founder, who presented the idea of “Green Ray” the Child in the City conference in Stuttgart.

Sala suggested that public place designers should take citizens’ wishes into consideration, providing the key to the positive future urban transformations were that the child can grow and mature in harmony with the environment.

GREEN RAY Strategy

The Green Ray strategies were created with the aim to respond adequately to the growing needs of the citizens of Milan, both adults and children, to reclaim the everyday life of their city through the connection of public spaces for pedestrians, playgrounds, urban parks and boulevards.

“The aim of this project is the development of open spaces and make them easily accessible. Also we aim to achieve a restoration of green areas in parts of cities that lack valuable places for entertainment.”, added Sala.

The Green Ray initiative should also slow down a mobility.

“The Green Ray should create a circular ring around the city center. We named it “the Milan green belt”. The aim is to give back to the citizens an identity that has been lost,” explained Sala.

Inside this urban green system the playgrounds areas become particularly important, becoming secure and safe meeting places for the children and their families.

Healthier children

The landscaper added, “The green rays gather the propose of the psychotherapist Fulvio Scaparro to provide Milan with a beautiful park that takes its name from the count boys and girls Lombard “Aulì Ulè” as a large lawn for play”.

The project achieved a large coverage even in local newspapers thanks to a contribution of Abbado Music Director, who enriched the city with 90,000 new trees just to provide more oxygen to the Milanese and their children.

About LAND

LAND is an environmental and landscaping practice, set up in 1990 in response to the need for interdisciplinary team-work, capable of dealing with the complex issues associated with landscape and environment.

LAND realizes projects for both a private and public clientele, favoring the well-balanced management of all environmental resources; the scope being sustainable development. Land particularly boasts a considerable experience in executive design and site supervision of work related to landscaping and environmental design arrangement, realization of parks and both public and private gardens.

Author: Marketa Vesela

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