Venue and travel information

Conference location address:

Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000

The entrance to the registration area is located at the KASK School of Arts (Hogeschool Gent, marked “E” on the map above), accessible via the Louis Pasteurlaan Street. The presentations will take place in the KASK and STAM buildings. The address of the STAM museum is: Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

The location of the venue is shared between two buildings in the Bijlokesite, namely the KASK School of Arts Ghent and the STAM Museum, which are situated in close proximity from eachother. The Bijloke is the epicenter of culture in all its forms. It is home to famous music, dance and theatre ensembles. Creativity and inspiration are in the air. The STAM Museum and the KASK School of Arts Ghent are main attractions of the Bijlokesite.

Travel times to location:

Gent-Sint-Pieters Train Station to Venue
Walking distance – 15 minutes
Tram – line 1 (destination Flanders Expo) take stop ‘Verlorenkost’. Walk 5 minutes.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL) to Gent-Sint-Pieters Train Station

Traveling by public transport from CRL is very complicated. We suggest all delegates to use this preferred bus company: flibco

Paris, France to Venue
By car – 3 1/2 hours
By train – 2 1/2 hours
By plane – 1 hour

Frankfurt, Germany to Venue
By car – 4 1/2 hours
By train – 4 hours
By plane – 1 hour

Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Venue
By car – 3 hours
By train – 2 1/2 hours

Brussel, Belgium to Venue
By car – 1 hour
By train – 1 hour

Preferred hotel accommodation information:

Restaurant Information:

In the City Centre:

Near Conference Venue

Parking Information

If you need to park around the conference area here are three locations near by: Godshuizenlaan, Bijlokehof & Jozef Kluyskensstraat

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