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Children should travel independenly – A model for child friendly tranport

Studies show that children who are not allowed to travel independently have 35% less physical agility, 40% less physical balance, 15% less creativity and 47% less autonomy and endurance during work and the number of social contacts is less than 25%. The high volume of traffic has many negative mental and physical impacts on healthy… Read more ›

5 reasons why you should join the Child in the City Conference

Are you involved in education, research, urban planning or policy making? Do you advocate for children’s rights? Do you sustain a clean and friendly environment for children to play and develop? Then you are welcome to attend the 8th edition of the Child in the City Conference. The 8th edition of the Child in the City… Read more ›

How can children participate in urban planning? – Engaging children in decision making

It is not common practice to engage children into planning process. From the point of view of the researcher, however, the very fact that children are often ignored makes their perspective structurally very important. They are an intrinsic part of human society and each of them has a unique experience and a particular contribution to… Read more ›

The toolkit for developing child friendly towns and cities

A child friendly city implements children’s rights in local policy. Cities can use the translated Unicef toolkit that consists of three steps: measuring the child friendliness – perception research with children – formulating a strategy. Cities can then apply for the certification, ‘Child Friendly City’. Toolkit: assessment in three steps 1) How child friendly is… Read more ›

Gangmakers & Koplopers help children explore, experience and imagine urban pathways

Gangmakers & Koplopers (Pace-setters & Front-runners) is a one-year pilot project currently running in various neighborhoods in Ghent, Belgium. During a series of playful art and design workshops, various groups of children explore, experience and imagine the meanings and values of urban pathways in relation to their daily life in the city. Paths, trails, alleyways and back roads… Read more ›

Interview with the City of Ghent’s children’s ambassador, Elke Decruynaere

Elke Decruynaere, the Alderwoman of Education, Upbringing and Youth for Ghent, which is this year’s host of the Child in the City conference, talks about what action her city has taken to become more child-friendly – and why she regards young people’s participation as so important to this objective. 1) How important to you is your role… Read more ›