9th Child in the City World Conference


Parallel session: Media Literacy (16:00 – 17:30)

Presentation 1: City Of Ljubljana: Prevention Programs For Children In A Digital World

Presented by: Melita Oven

Abstract: Every year, the Department for Preschool Learning and Education issues public tenders which enable the implementation of addiction prevention programs. Among them are programs aimed at preventing online violence and programs of safe and responsible use of the Internet. The Department also enables the implementation of programs that ensure that children, regardless of their social status, ethnicity and potential deficiencies, spend quality time also outside formally structured forms of learning and education, thus increasing the availability of educational, cultural and sports content for all children from the City of Ljubljana (COL). Each year during school holidays the COL also co-finances the care of children from the 1st to the 5th grade of elementary schools from the COL area. For several years now, we have also co-financed programs of education and prevention of violence in online forums and mobile bullying (Cyberbullying), programs of safe and responsible use of the Internet and mobile telephony and other modern technologies, with emphasis on methods and techniques of balanced and limited use of electronic media and learning about online security and literacy, programs in the field of computer games, gambling, online pornography, and other types of addictions to social networks, as well as programs aimed at individual children and adolescents who are in risk of developing various types of addiction. In 2017 Safe Internet Institute (SII) carried out five different programs within which 2.145 children from 36 schools have met real examples of online violence, became acquainted with the risks they were exposed to while online, and, based on messaging applications, learned how to ensure their own security while using web pages. In 2016, the SII also implemented a 4-week holiday care program for 3rd and 4th grade pupils, in which the children learned about safe, responsible and efficient use of the Internet.

Presentation 2: #Youth Work – Competent in Media

Presented by: Benjamin Schmid

Abstract: Working in and with the media is an important field of action in open child and youth work. Digitalization has made this area even more important. Education is the central concern, promoting media literacy is the objective. With a variety of methods, approaches and arrangements we want to stimulate and accompany media education processes. The offers of child and youth work focus on the active and creative forms of dealing with media. Digital skills are essential for social participation and so the use of and dealing with digital media are of course also indispensable for working with children and youth. Learning and practicing a competent and critical use of information and communication media enables active participation in society and thus also contributes to greater equality of opportunity. The open setting of child and youth work and the voluntary nature of participation in all activities require creative and flexible methodological implementation. Social networks and communication on the Internet are addressed in many activities: trying out, discussing, reflecting online and offline are on the program.

Presentation 3: Bubble football and Safer Internet: Kids in parks get empowered

Presented by: Martin Zeilbauer

Abstract: Children and young people are today in contact with digital media in a very early stage in life. In Austria, most kids get their first digital tools, such as playing stations or smartphones at the age of 6- 8 years. Although they get these tools from parents or relatives, the lack competent grown up to support them in their digital development. Especially kids from marginalized families, who spend a lot of time in parks without any parental supervision lack knowledge on a responsible online behaviour. In order to target these kids and young people, a special offer was created: To combine a very trendy new and attractive sport activity (bubble football) with awareness raising activity in the field of a safer internet use. All kids of all age can come and use this offer: Play in big balls, have fun and be outside in the fresh air and be better prepared for the live in the online world. This new activity was created and tested by Viennese mobile youth work institutions, that offer activities in Viennese parks. JUVIVO is a nonprofit association that operates in the field of youth work in 5 districts of Vienna. Regionally anchored, multidisciplinary teams work mainly with social and/or economically disadvantaged children and young people in an easily accessible and voluntary leisure setting mainly in public space.