9th Child in the City World Conference


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Putting young ‘city-zens’ at the heart of urban planning

How does a child ‘see and experience’ a city? Solve this and you unlock the secret to what really constitutes a child-friendly environment that works for everyone. It’s a question which urban planner Aminah Ricks works tirelessly to answer, and she will be sharing her experiences at this month’s Child in the City World Conference…. Read more ›

Children and media in a digital world

How do we balance children’s rights to cultural and social freedom with our duty to protect them from abuse and exploitation while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for children and young people?  One of the themes that will be discussed at the Child in the City World Conference is ‘Children and young people and media’…. Read more ›

CitC conference to showcase bilingual kids learning book

A bilingual picture book that helps young children’s language skills will be showcased at next month’s Child in the City World Conference. Papperlapapp was originally devised by a team of child and design experts in Austria to help youngsters from migrant backgrounds help develop both their own language and German. It’s aimed at children aged… Read more ›

A network for child-friendly communities in Latin America

The OCARA Network is a Latin American network for the exchange of experiences and projects on city, art, architecture, mobility and urban space with children. With the aim to share work undertaken in similar urban and social situations. In this interview, Irene Quintáns the founder and director sheds more light on the OCARA Network and her work… Read more ›

A perfect play space for children and…chickens

‘Never work with children or animals’, said the legendary WC Fields. Tongue-in-cheek he may have been, but clearly it is not a philosophy shared by those who champion the benefits for children of city farms. From sensory learning to appreciating nature, hands-on learning to healthy living – the value of giving children the opportunity to… Read more ›

A conversation with EU Youth Ambassador Ali Mahlodji

EU Youth Ambassador Ali Mahlodji is one of the keynote speakers for the Child in the City World Conference coming up from September 24-26 in Vienna, Austria. Ahead of the conference, he spoke about his journey, experiences and hopes. By Julia Zvobgo, Community Manager of Child in the City When he was two years old,… Read more ›

Don’t miss the biggest edition of the Child in the City World Conference

Cities increasingly become more and more concrete areas, lacking green areas like parks and playgrounds. At the same time, children are increasingly addicted to screens instead of playing outside. How can we make cities nice and safe places for children and motivate them to go outside again? Would you like to be part of a… Read more ›

Mechelen – the evolution of a child-friendly city

As child-friendly municipalities go, the ancient city of Mechelen in northern Belgium is a shining example. From families to play to culture, from leisure to sports to the arts, it ticks many boxes. But getting here has involved a great deal of hard work. Karen Claes, from the City of Mechelen, will speak at next… Read more ›

The city of tomorrow

‘The city of tomorrow’ is an educational project that aims to include children and adolescents in the construction process of public space (squares, neighbourhoods, cities). Equipping them with the necessary tools to develop their creativity from art and architecture, in order to provoke the awakening of a new view of the spaces that they inhabit…. Read more ›

Scotland ‘gets it right’ for children

“Access to play is not equally distributed in Scotland” (McKendrick, 2016). As Chief Executive of Play Scotland, Marguerite Hunter Blair would be anyone’s first choice to share the expansive work it is doing to support community play strategies – not least for the most vulnerable children. Child in the City World Conference 2018 will have… Read more ›