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Building inclusive play spaces

Anne-Marie Spencer argues building inclusive play spaces is possible when we consider the whole child, whole environment, and whole community. Inclusive play. Ask 10 people what it means and it’s quite possible you’ll get 10 different...Read more
|2 comments|author: Anne-Marie Spencer

Integrating play space within the public realm

The Täby Torg project, located in Sweden is a multifunctional public plaza organised into six individual squares. The Polyform Architects main concept was to create a ‘Space of Opportunities’: a dynamic public space where city...Read more
|Comment|author: Maria Sitzoglou

Natural space trains children’s mind

In northern European cities, there is a large number of wild and adventure playgrounds, where children can learn from nature and from their personal experiences. There are playgrounds planned in a way to stimulate an...Read more
|Comment|author: Chiara Carlucci

Inclusive design promotes play equality

1 in 20 children aged 14 years old or younger live with a form of disability, either moderate or severe, according to UNICEF. Such figures raise questions as to whether the majority of the existing...Read more
|Comment|author: Maria Sitzoglou

Denmark gets 10 permanent bicycle playgrounds

In Canada and the United States there is no comprehensive, consistent bike education programs, however a number of initiatives are underway to determine how to introduce a comprehensive system. However, European children benefit from a...Read more
|Comment|author: Helen Davidson

Incorporating play into pedestrian walkways

When it comes to designing narrow public spaces such as street sidewalks, pedestrian bridges and pathways in general, designers are often forced by the functional and spatial constraints to discard play as a priority. However,...Read more
|Comment|author: Maria Sitzoglou

Green schoolyards boost children’s health and learning

‘Healthy School Yards’ is a Dutch sustainability programme to encourage children’s engagement with nature, which has a positive impact on their social, academic and physical health. The project ‘Healthy School Yards’ was introduced to schools in...Read more
|Comment|author: Marketa Vesela

10 (+1) steps to a playable city

A recent blog by the Canadian urbanist, Jillian Glover identified the ten features she believes are the key to building child-friendly cities. Yet there is a glaring omission from the list: nowhere, even in the...Read more
|Comment|author: Adrian Voce