Topic: Early play-based learning


Bringing play-based learning to refugee children

On Wednesday the LEGO Foundation announced it’s $100 million grant to ensure that young children affected by the Rohingya and Syrian crises are able to learn through play. The recipient of the grant, Sesame Workshop, will work...Read more
|Comment|author: Julia Zvobgo

Early nature lessons in Denmark’s Forest Pre-schools

Forest schools are gaining in popularity around the world. In Denmark, they have been around for decades, and they start young. Philippa Stasiuk reports on a pedagogical movement that immerses children in nature from kindergarten. “They come in...Read more
|Comment|author: Philippa Stasiuk

Lego focuses in on children at play

Lucy Ward, from The Guardian, interviewed Hanne Rasmussen, head of the Lego Foundation, on how the company will focus on the value of play and how it has built enormously over the last decade. According...Read more
|Comment|author: Steven Don