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How to deal with smartphone addiction in children

When kids ignore their friends and everyone else, disregard calls and messages from their parents and continue playing on their phone or even act irritated and behave aggressively when their phone is taken from them, parents need to take steps because their kid might have formed an addiction to smartphones.

Our world today is at the highest peak of technological advancement. And it is a blessing to our everyday living. It pushes mankind forward into the future. However, like a coin that has two sides to it, it is also a curse. Because of the fact that technology had made our lives easier in many aspects, we somehow become dependent on it. It changes how we think, influences how we behave and transforms our very life. And just imagine how it can affect the children.


Aggression begets aggression. When a kid asks for their phone, parents who answer them with a harsh NO cannot expect them to say “Okay mom”. They will likely be in a bad mood and what’s more alarming is that he or she might say mean things about their parents behind their back. Parents can say NO without raising their voice and later explain why he or she can’t have his or her phone.

Parents can establish rules as follows:

  • No smartphones on the dining table.
  • Turn off smartphones before sleeping.
  • Hand over the phone during tests or exam weeks.
  • No finished home works, no smartphones.

By creating rules like these, children will learn to obey rules and be more responsible even at a young age. Also, parents can limit their phone usage by getting limited internet packages and monitoring their kid’s activities on their phones.

Setting limits

Gadgets are quite helpful, really. That is why kids also need them. However, if kids can have their phone, then parents should limit the usage. Parents can make a condition with their child and say, “You can use it for an hour” or “One episode of anime” and that’s it. But parents should not hope that their kid will come to them and say “Here’s my phone mom, I’m finished.” That will never happen. Parents should be the one that needs to enforce the deal.

Nowadays, kids have forgotten about true enjoyment. They are now more interested staying at the house, sitting or lying in bed, eyes glued on their phones.  It is high time that parents stop this and take charge. Parents should take their kids outdoors. A picnic in the park or an out-of-town adventure would be a great family bonding. Not only did it shift the kids’ attention somewhere else, parents also got to relax and enjoy the day with their family.

The bottom line

Technology is a blessing. There is no denying that fact. Parents can use technology to monitor and limit their kid’s phone usage. There are thousands if not hundreds of parental control apps available that parents can install in order to limit their kid’s access online, smartphone usage and helps in monitor their kid’s phone activities. Some apps may even include location services and daily task scheduler for kids to be more responsible.

Parents cannot tell kids to stop using smartphones. After all, parents as adults even need and use it for their own benefit. Parents can, however, stop their kids from being addicted to it by setting an example and having a careful and thorough explanation as to why there is a need to limit their phone usage. By following the tips above and asking help from their private tutor to make them understand the negative side of smartphone addiction, parents can raise their kids to be more responsible and successful.

Author: Jason Phillips

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